Name: Bernard Mamo
Age: 20
Course: B.Com, University of Malta


Role at Grant Thornton: 
Compliance Intern

After working for two consecutive summer periods with another company, I felt that I needed a change; hence, I started assessing my options and ended up with a couple of companies in mind. Seeing that I was looking for a company that, like myself, is thriving for growth, the best deemed option was that of Grant Thornton. To confirm my conclusion, I consulted with individuals that have had an interaction with the company, whereby all of which gave a more or less homogenous perspective that at the company’s core are all the values, work ethic and culture needed for it to be a successful one.

From where I stand, I can see that Grant Thornton will be a significant stepping stone in my career which will without a doubt open up a series of doors all leading to a diversity of opportunities that in the business world are considered a virtue. Being an aspiring entrepreneur, GT will give me a better overall understanding when it comes to dealing with internal and external affairs, as well as an overview of what is required to be a well-rounded businessman.

The best scenario in ten years, that I imagine would be one where I would have achieved a Master’s degree in Economics, and both ACCA and CFA qualifications; alongside the latter, I really hope that I would have reached a managerial position (or higher) and invested in industry-wide companies. What has been described is but a condensed form at face value of what my ambitions are, all of which leading to my personal ultimatum.

The training provided an excellent view of the companies’ activities, as well as a brief introduction on the essential tools of several applications. Moreover, the training was a perfect ambient to get to know the people that you will be working with, along with gaining some insight of the superiors. My favourite part of the training was the ‘Dare to Dream’ talk provided by an external persona.

As a final note, for any student or graduate that is eager to grow at a personal and professional level, GT will more than help you on your way.