Anna Koval

Name: Anna Koval
Age: 20
Course: BBA with international 


Role at Grant Thornton: 
People and culture intern

My experience with Grant Thornton started through the annual career’s event of St. Martins Institute. A couple of weeks before the event we were given a list of companies and the respective information about them to book interviews. After reading about Grant Thornton and getting feedback from classmates that had previous experiences in the company, I fell in love with its culture. Unfortunately, there were no available slots for an interview, so on the day I patiently waited to slip in as I really wanted to get an opportunity to get to know more about the company. During that first interview, I got the impression that Grant Thornton would give me the opportunity to grow and to learn without interfering with my studies. Other companies tried to convince me of the advantage of stopping my studies and working with them, the people and culture department of Grant Thornton focused on the importance of personal development.

This is my second summer with Grant Thornton and I couldn’t be happier here. I got the opportunity to work in different departments so it would be easier for me to choose further on in my studies and career orientation. I am having a wonderful experience with the people and culture department, being part of it is affecting my 3rd year lecture choices as now I have a practical idea of some of the subjects offered.

The training provided was very interesting and very informative. The presenters were extremely helpful and patient. The overall programme was good, and the structure and timing were very comfortable and reasonable. I very much enjoyed the practical sessions and the day dedicated to self-confidence and assertiveness.

Here everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities, Grant Thornton to me is like a big family composed by great professionals. I really hope to have a long future in this company.