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Corporate public relations

A company communicates not only by means of the commercial messages appearing in the media and press releases sent to newspapers, but also through its actions and the way it addresses its internal and external public. Matching your corporate identity with your corporate image may be difficult. In addition the spokesperson of an organization must be able to act swiftly to contain negative exposure in blogs and social media websites, as well as deal effectively with requests from journalists.

Our course aims at explaining how effective public relations can help an organization to maintain its visibility in the media and tackle a crisis whenever and wherever it may occur.


Topics covered:

– Introduction to public relations;

– The PR function in an organization;

– Recognising news value in a story;

– Critical factors in the publication of press releases;

– Understanding how to liaise with the media to organize a press launch;

– Assembling the media kit for the press launch;

– Crisis communication: international and local case studies;

– Standard operating procedures for managing a crisis.


Learning objectives

1. Providing participants with the tools to recognize occasions for generating positive exposure;

2. Analysing best practices in the management of a crisis from a PR point of view;

3. Recognizing risk factors inside an organization which could lead to a crisis and identifying ways of preventing them;

3. Limiting the damages from bad exposure in the media.

Duration: 3 hours

Participants will be provided with a certificate of completion.


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