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Corporate social responsibility

Giving back to the community.

We recognise the social impact we can have on the community we work and live in. The firm is committed to making a real difference in the community and we are very proud to be part of a global initiative, ‘GT in the community'. This annual CSR campaign is where Grant Thornton people across the globe provide innovative, generous and resourceful services to the communities they work and live in.

Our CSR activities in Malta focus on four main pillars:

  1. Community 
    • Provide volunteers and organise fundraising for many charities.
  2. Education
    • Partner with local schools and universities to help students realise their potential.
  3. Well-being
    • Encourage a positive work-life balance within the firm by providing fruit to each of our offices daily, access to gym and fitness facilities
    • Bike to Work scheme
    • Healthy eating options
  4. Environment
    • We are very proud to have reduced our carbon footprint across all offices alongside water preservation, recycling and waste management
    • Encourage public transport wherever possible
    • Reduction in taxi costs to encourage carpooling.

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