Student internships

We are currently offering two types of programmes: University internships and the ACCA route.


University internships

Spend between seven to nine weeks with us over the next summers and you’ll get a real insight into life as a trainee business adviser.

Our internships give undergraduate university students the opportunity to work on real projects and take on new responsibilities during every summer, in between academic years.

The journey with Grant Thornton may actually start immediately after you finish 6th Form. At the end of each internship period you will be entirely free whether to renew the agreement for the following summer or not. We will not tie you down at all because we do not believe this is the way how to secure your loyalty.

Every year your internship will start with a week-long training programme, carefully designed to help you get to know your new colleagues and fellow interns, and immersing yourself in our business, vision and purpose.

Following the training week our internship will provide you an excellent way to get a unique insight into our business and experience what it’s like to provide vital business and financial advice to clients.  Here, you won’t spend your time photocopying or making the coffee.  Rather you will be working with your team and supported by a mentor to learn all about our dynamic and ambitious firm.

Working on real projects, you’ll help our clients to grow and be more encouraged to develop your skills throughout your time with us.  Grant Thornton will accompany you on your journey towards qualification, even during the academic year itself.  Our professional and qualified staff will always be ready to help you with any queries or advice required as well as support you in the various assignments you may have.

Most students who join us on our internship programme go onto become a full-time employee after graduation.

Our internships are designed to help you to develop your skills, grow in confidence and build your business knowledge.  You’ll also get paid for the work you do.  Our compensation rates increase from one internship to the next because we believe that the more you advance academically the greater your contribution and level of responsibility.  And if you decide to renew the agreement for the following summer we will send you a small but significant allowance aimed at supporting your financial requirements as a university student. Even this increases each year.

At the heart of whatever we do here at Grant Thornton there is a core set of values that we strive to bring to life every day: collaboration, leadership, excellence, agility, respect and responsibility.  This is who we are. This is what we stand for.

The selection of students for our next internship period (July – September 2018) will commence on the 3rd of January 2018 and we expect to fill the vacancies by the end of February 2018. If you wish to be considered please send us an email with your CV to

Please include your contact details and a scan of all results transcripts achieved to date.


Qualify through us

Want to become a trusted business adviser? Looking to gain a professional qualification right away? University not for you?

Then enjoy three years of studying, learning and gaining real-wok experience, working with organisations of all shapes and sizes across a variety of sectors.  If you join us straight after your A-levels you could become a fully qualified ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) associate in just three years.

It works like this: Grant Thornton will pay for all your tuition (we are partnered with reputable and professional ACCA tuition providers), exam fees and study materials.  You will work 20 hours per week to gain precious and rewarding work experience.  You will also attend lectures, study and sit for the ACCA examinations.  Grant Thornton will also pay you a salary, a study grant and give you paid study leave for every subject that you attempt.  There are currently 14 modules making up the entire ACCA qualification.

Apart from the formal ACCA tuition, every summer, we will take you away from your normal duties for a week-long intensive training that will serve as practical instruction on work related subjects and for personal development training. 

Once you pass the first 10 examinations (approximately in 2 years) you would then start working with us on a full-time basis and there will be only 4 subjects left.  These will be covered during the 3rd year.  Obviously your salary would increase substantially and you would benefit from all the incentives that are offered to our full-time employees.

Studying and working at the same time will be challenging. But your hard work will pay off with a rewarding career at an ambitious, purpose led firm that is shaping a vibrant economy where businesses, people and communities can thrive.  Upon qualification Grant Thornton will reward your great achievement and this would mean a further increase in your remuneration and in your responsibilities.  From then on your career at Grant Thornton will continue to progress, and yes, the sky is the limit! It all depends on you.

The time you would have spent working with us during the initial years of your qualification route would go a long way in fulfilling the requirements to become a warranted Certified Public Accountant after you qualify.  Moreover your ACCA qualification is considered at par with a Masters academic qualification and is classified as MQF level 7.

At Grant Thornton we are proud to offer this kind of support to a select number of ambitious students. We are also proud of a work ethic that is second to none and that promises our people to be inspired to make a difference, to value the fact that we are better together, a growth that is continuous and that everyone associated with our firm is free to be authentic.

The selection of students for the next Grant Thornton ACCA cycle (commencing in August 2018) will commence on the 3rd of January 2018 and we expect to fill the vacancies by the end of February 2018. If you wish to be considered please send us an email with your CV to

Please include your contact details and a scan of all results transcripts achieved to date.