Family business consulting

At Grant Thornton we offer an extraordinary approach to family businesses and we have experienced all the issues that can arise when running a family business. As we have been working with business owners for many years we are known with all the services traditionally associated with business and financial advisers like audit and tax compliance.

We work with a range of family businesses, including those where families:

  • own a percentage
  • are actively involved in management
  • have voting control
  • control the strategic direction of the business, or where
  • more than one generation of the family is involved in the business

Our services include:

  • those needed during the formation of the business by the first generation,
  • a range of consulting, tax, audit and advisory services during the growth and mature phases,
  • assisting the family to transfer to another generation, and
  • providing the services needed to unbundle, list, sell or close down the business

Because of the experience we gained through the last few years we are also able to deal with unique issues for a family business, for example, where members of the family want to exit the business.