Watching Libya November 7, 2012

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan’s new government (see Watching Libya October 14, 2012) will be formally inaugurated at the General National Congress on Wednesday, November 14. The Congress’ Facebook page also announced that government members under investigation by the Integrity Commission would not take the oath of office on the same occasion. The complete and up to date list of Zeidan’s government follows: 1- Al Seddiq Abdulkarim (46) deputy prime minister2- Awad Brayyek Al Bar`asy (46) deputy prime minister3- Abdulsalam Al Kadi (45) deputy prime minister4- Dr Al Kilani Abdulkarim Al Jazy (62) finance5- Ali Sulaiman Al Ojely (65) foreign affairs6- Mustafa Al Sadek Abufnas (54) economy7- Mohammad Al Barghathi (71)  defence8- Dr Ashur Shwayel (58)  interior9- Abdulbari Al Arusy (51) oil10- Dr Sulaiman Ali Al Faytury (55) industry11- Mohammad Al Faytury Sowalem (49)  employment and training12- Osama Abdulraof Syala (42)  telecommunications13- Abdulkadir Mohammad Al Ayeb (57) transport14- Dr Noureddin Doghman (58) health15- Ali Mohammad Mheirek (57) electricity16- Ali Husein Al Sharif (47) housing and utilities17- Dr Al Mahdy Al Taher Ghnayya (55) planning18- Dr Kamila Khamis Al Maziny (57)  social policy19- Ahmad Ayyad Al Orfy (45)  agriculture20- Salah Al Marghany (61)  justice21- Mohammad Abdulaziz (60)  international cooperation22- Sami Mustafa Al Sady (46) martyrs and missing persons (Resigned 6 November)23- Dr Mohammad Hasan Abubakr (64)  education24- Dr Abdulsalam Al Dweiby (64)  higher education25- Abdulsalam Ghoya (45)  youth and sports26- Abubakr Al Hady (60)  local governance27- Ikram Abdulsalam Bashimam (59) tourism28- Al Hady Sulaiman Hanshir (61)  water resources29- Dr Abulsalam Mohammad Abusad (66) endowments and religious affairs30- Al Habib Mohammad Al Amin (46) culture31- Mo`ez Fathy Al Khoja (51)  (minister of state) for the national congress32- Ramadan Ali Mansur Zarmuh (63) (minister of state) for the wounded